virtualUKNOF August 2021


Cathy Almond (Internet Systems Consortium) , Fearghas McKay (Flexoptix // UKNOF) , Keith Mitchell (UKNOF)

The UK Network Operators' Forum is currently only running online meetings.

virtualUKNOF August 2021 is a short meeting of 2 hours in length and will be held on Tuesday, 3 August 2021. 

UKNOF events offer an OPEN environment for anyone within or interested in the Internet Industry. Network with industry colleagues, participate in knowledge sharing and freshen up on best practice around network operations and security.

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  • Abdelmoniem Rezk
  • Adrian Brookes
  • Aidan Whyte
  • Alan Barnett
  • Aled Morris
  • Aled Treharne
  • Alex Harrison
  • Alex Kinch
  • Alex Richards
  • Alexander Clubb
  • Alistair Mackenzie
  • Andrew Conway
  • Andrew Hearn
  • Andrew Nicks
  • Andrew Smith
  • Andy Furnell
  • Anind Gupta
  • Anne Bates
  • Arjen Zonneveld
  • Bade Oyewumi
  • Barry Latch
  • Basil Fillan
  • Ben Ashton
  • Ben Carter
  • Ben Cox
  • Bob Jacobs
  • Brandon Butterworth
  • Brendan O'Reilly
  • Brian Nisbet
  • Carl O'Toole
  • Cathy Almond
  • Chris Bridle
  • Chris Buckridge
  • Chris Russell
  • Chris Woods
  • Chriztoffer Hansen
  • Colin Cooper
  • Craig Aspey
  • Dan Peachey
  • Dan Poltawski
  • Dan Rodgers
  • Dave Graham
  • Dave Wilson
  • David Croft
  • David Morris
  • David Murray
  • David Todd
  • Denesh Bhabuta
  • Donald Jolley
  • DóNal Cunningham
  • Dunc Lockwood
  • Ed Daniel
  • Edward Dore
  • Euan Galloway
  • Farhan Razzak
  • Favour Kelvin
  • Fearghas Mckay
  • Gareth Bowen
  • Garry Radcliffe
  • Gary Hawkins
  • Gillian Thomson
  • Giorgio Bonfiglio
  • Gregory Agerba
  • Hans Petter Holen
  • Harry Cross
  • Humza Bobat
  • Ian Anderson
  • Ian Chilton
  • Ian Dickinson
  • Ian Stocks
  • Ignas Bagdonas
  • Jake Lee
  • James Bensley
  • James Delahunt
  • James G
  • James Greig
  • James Lawrie
  • James Stapley
  • James Turner
  • Jatin Patel
  • Jeff Fern
  • Jeroen Klaver
  • Jim Mozley
  • Jim Wood
  • Jody Belka
  • Jody Botham
  • Jon Vooght
  • Jonathan Henry
  • Jonty Hewlett
  • Josh Brown
  • Julian Curtis
  • Julian Harse
  • Julian Salter
  • Junaid Choudhary
  • Keith Mitchell
  • Kristian Roberts
  • Kurt Mclester
  • Leo Vegoda
  • Liam Drew
  • Luke Walmsley
  • Marek Isalski
  • Mark Baker
  • Mark Dranovsky
  • Martin Levy
  • Mat Ford
  • Matthew Cramer
  • Matthew Jepp
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Matthew Marsh
  • Matthew Melbourne
  • Matthew Mercer
  • Matthew Pickering
  • Matthew Richardson
  • Mel Gajic
  • Mick O'Donovan
  • Mike Hellers
  • Mike Hughes
  • Mike Reed
  • Mike Simkins
  • Mitchell Southgate
  • Nat Lasseter
  • Neil Shipley
  • Olivier Benghozi
  • Olivier Crepin-Leblond
  • Pascal Gloor
  • Patrick Mcdonough
  • Paul Edwards
  • Paul Freeman
  • Paul Hughes
  • Paul Jones
  • Paul Tweedy
  • Peter Taylor
  • Phil Townsend
  • Portia Rabonda
  • Q Misell
  • Quinn Fissler
  • Radek Zajic
  • Raza Rizvi
  • Richard Shaw
  • Roelf Wichertjes
  • Ross Moya
  • Ross Wilson
  • Russ Bicknell
  • Ryan Finnesey
  • Sam Smith
  • Sean Cardus
  • Shreyas Patel
  • Simon Beevers
  • Simon Lockhart
  • Soko Khis
  • Stefano Minguzzi
  • Steve Dyer
  • Steve Jones
  • Steve Karmeinsky
  • Steve Seymour
  • Steve Sullivan
  • Steven Clarke
  • Steven Gordon
  • Stuart Steele
  • Stuart Stevens
  • Susan Forney
  • Sushil Arya
  • Thomas Jepp
  • Thomas Stewart
  • Tim Bray
  • Tom Elliott
  • Tony Hoyle
  • Wesley Cotter
  • Will Hargrave
  • Will Jones
  • Xavier Coppin
virtualUKNOF admin
    • 12:45 PM
      Webinar room opens - while waiting, grab a drink and mingle with your peers in the ~UKNOF channel at
    • virtualUKNOF August 2021: Session 1
      • 1
      • 2
        Mobile Phone Coverage on the Tube

        Matthew Griffin, Head of Commercial Telecoms at TfL will explain why it has taken so long to deliver mobile phone coverage on the London Underground. He will cover the key architectural components in the stations, tunnels and elsewhere. The key challenges and lessons learned from the pilot on the Jubilee Line and how this delivery will open up new connectivity opportunities across London

        Speakers: Garry Radcliffe (Transport for London) , Andrew Conway (BAI Communications)
      • 3
        How we inadvertently created the fastest residential Internet Access

        Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd has been the first ISP in Switzerland to introduce symmetrical Gigabit for residential customer at a 'normal' price. That was 7 years ago. In May this year, we have launched our new Product, 25Gbps. But it wasn't our original plan. How did we come to this? How do we do it? Which platform and why did we choose it? What are our challenges?

        This will end with a mandatory speedtest demo indeed :)

        Speaker: Pascal Gloor (Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd.)
    • 1:45 PM
      15 minutes break
    • virtualUKNOF August 2021: Session 2
      • 4
        Incident Managment: The First Fifteen Minutes

        Incident management is extremely complex, and every organisation and system has its own complexities and priorities. There are also many common elements involved, including ensuring that roles have been clearly established, that those who can fix the problem are being left alone to do so and that communication has started with everyone who needs to be kept updated.

        In HEAnet we have recently updated our major incident processes with a focus on the first fifteen minutes, a clear checklist of items, with handy flowcharts, which can be applied to any type of incident and that will form a solid foundation for incident communication and resolution.

        Why fifteen minutes? Firstly, I like the alliteration of The First Fifteen Minutes, but also because this is a rough period in which staff can realise there is an incident that needs management, during which more people can be involved and that clients will understand as an acceptable amount of time for very initial communication to start.

        This LT will explain some of the thinking behind our choices and outline what those first fifteen minutes look like and show how easy it is to integrate this type of plan into any existing incident management process, or how it can form the basis of an entirely new one.

        Speaker: Brian Nisbet (HEAnet)
      • 5
        IPv6 Adoption Growth in UK IXes

        This talk is an update that will look at how IPv6 Adoption progressed during the global pandemic. It will have slides with the current data and do a comparison with how things were last year.

        Speaker: Susan Forney (Hurricane Electric)
      • 6
        A Day in the life of a .uk registration

        Nominet provides the DNS registry services and authoritative infrastructure for the UK name space. This short presentation provides an overview of the work Nominet’s DNS team do and the processes behind provisioning domain names. We’ll give a high level overview of .UK registry systems and the authoritative DNS infrastructure.

        Speaker: Jim Mozley (Nominet)
      • 7
        Wrap up
        Speaker: Keith Mitchell (UKNOF)
    • 3:00 PM
      BYO Pints n' Packets