UKNOF is being closed down during 2024, and this site is now only active as an archive of previous events and presentations.

September 22, 2022
15 Hatfields
Europe/London timezone

Attendee List

117 participants

The lists of participants grouped by the registration form they used to register for the event.

In Person Attendance Registrations

First Name Surname Position Company
Adil Baghir Head of Technology and Solutions Engineering, Global Strategic Accounts A10 Networks
Alastair Strachan Community Development Officer RIPE NCC
Alex Bloor GM Andrews & Arnold / UKIF board
Alistair Adams-Huset Network Engineering Team Manager B4RN Ltd
Andrew Buckley Senior NOC Engineer Brsk Ltd
Anne Johnson CEO Cunning Systems
Ben Cartwright-Cox Director
Brandon Butterworth Chief Scientist / Director BBC / Bogons
Cameron Barnes Systems Engineer Ciena
Carolyn Allebrodt Senior Marketing Manager GmbH
Cassie Bezuidenhout Sales Director Enable Network Services
Cathy Almond Principal Support Engineer ISC
Charlie Boisseau Chief Technology Officer Commsworld
Chirag Desai Senior Network Engineer Swish Fibre
Chris Aldridge Senior Network Engineer Glide
Chris Bridle Network Engineer ASK4 Ltd
Chris Croot Chief Architect KCOM
Christian Leimer
Cliff Tam Network Engineer Pangea
Craig Gallen Business DevelopmentManager OpenNMS Group Inc
Dan Peachey Network Engineer Netdevs B.V.
Dave Pumford Chief Consultant Pumtrix Technologies Ltd
Dave Wilson Core Facilities Manager Glide
David Murray Arista Networks
Debbie Casey UK & Ireland Sales Director ProLabs and Skylane, Amphenol Companies
Denesh Bhabuta Events & Operations Director UKNOF
Ed Fingleton Network Operations Manager Glide UK
Elena Simion Client Support Specialist Team Cymru
Gary Hallberg Senior Systems Consultant ADVA
Gary Steers CGI
Geoff Bennett Director Solutions and Technology Infinera
George Daly Network Architect Fasthosts Internet Ltd
Graeme Bailey Partner and Carrier Sales Account Manager Commsworld
Greg Choules Support Engineer ISC
Hari Jayaraman Manager- Sales & Strategy Benocs
Ian Chilton LONAP
Ian Dickinson Senior Architect Vitrifi Limited
Ian Ferguson VP Sales UK DriveNets
Ilias Siddiqui International Coordinator World Youth Bank - International Coordination
Inga Turner Account Manager LINX
Ivan Beveridge Senior Network Engineer IG
James Bensley PC Chair // NetEng UKNOF //
James Clapham Network Operations Engineer B4RN Ltd
Jamie Lesley Network Strategy Netflix
Jennifer Holmes CCO LINX
Jody Botham Head of Networks Brsk Ltd
John Cassidy Business Development Manager Ciena
Jon Wiggins Regional Sales Manager A10 Networks
Juan Rodriguez Martinez Senior Sales Engineer DriveNets
Juan Pablo Paolillo Network Engineer Pangea
Justin Staig-Graham Interconnection Manager London Internet Exchange (LINX)
Keith Mitchell Managing Director UKNOF
Kirsty Hebdon Marketing Coordinator IPv4.Global
Leo Vegoda Various UKNOF / Euro-IX / PeeringDB
Linda Shannon Director IPv4.Global
Liz Stevens
Lou Ashtonhurst NOC Manager Zen
Luke Kelsall Site Reliability Manager B4RN Ltd
Malcolm Scott IT Infrastructure Specialist University of Cambridge
Malcolm Stewart Technical Director Enable Network Services
Marek Isalski CTO FAELIX
Mark Bodenham Vice President of Network Infrastructure and Venue Technology Anschutz Entertainment Group
Mark Paice Network Engineer Lightning Fibre
Matt Dinham Network Director Swish Fibre
Matt Melbourne Senior Network Engineer Fasthosts Internet Ltd
Matthew Jepp Global Head of Software Defined Networks BSO
Matthew Skipsey CTO Giganet
Moyaze Shivji Senior Network Engineer/Team Leader LINX
Nico Cartron F5
Nigel Titley
Nina Saidi Business Development DE-CIX
Osman Hussein RETN
Paul Thornton Procurer of Coffee Lightning Fibre
Pavel Odintsov CTO FastNetMon
Peter Stevens Director Mythic Beasts / LINX
Peter Taphouse CTO YDS / Lonap / EuroIX
Phil Kennedy KNET
Piotr Rydlichowski Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
Randrit Canaj Platform Service Support Specialist Smart Pension
Rene Fichtmueller Chairman of the Board Global NOG Alliance
Richard Irving
Rick Dunsford NOC Engineer ASK4 Ltd
Rob Lister Senior Network Engineer LONAP
Robert Mertling-Blake Network Infrastructure Architect AEG
Ross Moya Senior Network Engineer Brsk Ltd
Shannon Mackinnon Marketing Executive A10 Networks
Simon Beevers Systems Engineer Juniper Networks
Simon Green CIO Pax8 /
Simon Jackson Director of Systems Engineer - EMEA A10 Networks
Simon Lockhart Technical Director Bogons
Simon Pearce Service Provider - Sales Team Leader Axians
Stephen Maloney Xantaro
Steve Jones Optical Stuff Huber Suhner
Steve Karmeinsky Director NetTek Ltd
Steve Wright Resolver Redcentric, 4D Data Centres
Stuart Steele SP Manager Arista Networks
Terence Carr Consultant LINX
Thomas Greer Systems Architect Adept
Thomas Stewart Team Manager HPC Cloud & DevOps UK Health Security Agency
Tom Bird Director Portfast / LONAP / IXLeeds
Tom Hartley Network Engineer B4RN Ltd
Tom Hill Network Architect BT
Tristan Deloche Sr. DevOps Engineer SG.GS
Vincentz Petzholtz Head of Network
Will Hargrave Technical Director LONAP

Remote Attendance Registrations

First Name Surname Position Company
Alex Harrison NOC Engineer BRSK
Chris Russell Senior Network Engineer (Projects) Pulsant
Mark Taylor Solutions Engineer Kentik
Matthew Trusson Product Architect Neos Networks
Oli Stockman
Rachael Allen IX Provisioning Manager Stellium Data Center
Rebecca Class-Peter Events & Operations Euro-IX
Richard Smith Senior Core Network Engineer Telet
Sam Smith
Stuart Ridsdale Senior Network Engineer GoDaddy
Sunil Kumar Sr Tech Lead Colt
Tim Chown Jisc