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20 April 2015
Manchester Central Convention Complex
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FFO - fracking fiber optic

20 Apr 2015, 16:30
Charter 1, 2 & 3 (Manchester Central Convention Complex)

Charter 1, 2 & 3

Manchester Central Convention Complex

Petersfield Manchester M2 3GX
Main Session


Thomas Weible (Flexoptix GmbH)


LC plugs are not the only ones now that we have QSFP+. Should you use MPO or MTP. What about ST, LC, SC, E2000 or the new LC Uniboot plugs ? What are the compromises and benefits of each solution. Did you know that polarity in optical MPO matters ? And why the polish of a plug can cause headaches during on-site installation. Thomas will give an overview of the connectors and fibre options in the datacentre now we have 40G and 100G as standards. Especially for parallel transmission applications you should consider rethinking your wiring if you don’t want to get stuck in troubleshooting your links. Finally some practical examples of broken optical components after and during field installation – real cases which happen every day even in 2015 when fibre optic is a commodity. Duration: 25-30 minutes


Draft Slide Titles:


1 Hello

2 The Past (Content: ST, SC and FC connectors used for Multimode OM1 and OM2 and Singlemode)

3 The Current (Content: E2000 – angled mainly used on long haul transmission, LC Duplex UPC – the overall generic and high density plug in the field for Multimode OM3/4 and Singlemode), LC-Duplex APC (Singlemode))

4 The Pain (Content: assembly of MPO and Differences between MTP vs. MPO)

5 Details

a PC, UPC and APC ? (Content: difference of polish optimized back reflection: 40dB, 55dB and 70dB. Back reflection is bad)

b Polarity (Content: explanation of Polarity Type A,B and C)

6 Optional: 10G Application (Content: 10G on old Multimode fibre OM1 and OM2 beyond 80m distance)

7 40G and 100G Application (Content: LC-Duplex and MPO for high bandwidth applications.

 a Some don’ts with MPO (Content: no 40G transmission with breakout cable. Bear in mind that your 40G link is based on round robin 66byte chunks and the order of these chunks matters!)

8 Oh, my link is not working (Content: Clean your plugs – practical examples of delayed installations because of broken optical assemblies)

9 Good bye

Primary author

Thomas Weible (Flexoptix GmbH)

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