27 April 2018
Manchester Central Convention Complex
Europe/London timezone
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Manchester Central Convention Complex - Charter 1, 2 & 3
Main Session

Event-driven network automation and orchestration


  • Mr. Mircea ULINIC

Primary authors


One of the major challenges in networking is the diversity, in terms of data representation, which is often vendor-specific. Vendors APIs are inconsistent and incomplete, some mainstreams platforms are closed, and custom software is not allowed on your device. By combining Salt proxy minions, with third party libraries such as NAPALM, which presents the data in a vendor-agnostic shape, we are able to leverage the DevOps methodologies in networking. NAPALM support is now integrated in the official Salt releases, beginning with Carbon and improved in Nitrogen. Beyond cross-vendor configuration management, reaction to internal and external network events becomes easy and there are no orchestration boundaries.

Talk Duration

30 minutes

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