15 January 2019
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Track: Main Session
Transmission speed of 400G is becoming a reality, with new challenges for optical and electrical components in high speed systems emerging as well. PAM4 modulation is one key component for 400G transmission with transceivers following Ethernet IEEE 802.3bs, this talk will be a show and tell into PAM4. With this knowledge, the design decisions behind the new formfactors OSFP, QSFP-DD, SFP56-DD a ... More
Presented by Mr. Thomas WEIBLE
Track: Main Session
Security is one of the most crucial factors in modern networks. Network operators are painfully aware of this. IPv6 brings new challenges, features and opportunities for network security. This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of IPv6 security, why it needs to be taken seriously, how it differs from IPv4, the problems it presents and current IPv6 security techniques and best practi ... More
Presented by Dr. David HOLDER
Track: Main Session
The presentation goes through the story of how Cyber Toolbelt Investigators were able to unravel a massive fraud network using only DNS and with only a single domain name to go on.
Presented by Mr. Mike LEWIS
Track: Main Session
In July 2018 I experienced my first (and hopefully last!) FM200 fire suppression system discharge. While we all might have heard about fire suppression systems, and the risks and benefits - I aim to cast a bit of further light onto real world experiences on the little red bombs that we all put in our data centres. This talk will aim to: - a brief summary of the different fire suppression syst ... More
Presented by Mr. Steve WRIGHT
Track: Main Session
This presentation will include: - an introduction to the IXPDB (IXP Database) - Details on the IX-F JSON Member List - tools now available for networks to find each other - a roadmap of new tools coming in 2019 I also hope to get feedback from the attendees on new ideas and tools they'd like to see.
Presented by Ms. Bijal SANGHANI
Track: Main Session
This talk charts the past three years of operating datacenters with EVPN/VxLAN with our own approach and software stack. We take you through the highlights and lowlights of our deployment and talk about the future. All in thirty minutes.
Presented by Mr. David FREEDMAN, Mr. Sandy BREEZE, Mr. David OVERTON
Track: Main Session
TTLd is a new approach to network monitoring. This hybrid approach exposes in the TCP header information of loss from the host, and this information is accounted for at network device level. This allows for precise loss detection and effective accounting and aggregation of this information. The ground breaking feature of this project is that every single packet in the network becomes a probe! ... More
Presented by Dr. Louis PLISSONNEAU
Track: Main Session
Do you think you know everything about IPv6 and RPKI ? Are you ready to test your knowledge, or learn from your mistakes while participating in a quiz ? We are going to challenge you with 20 questions, and everyone in the room can participate in the quiz to win prizes!
Presented by Mr. Massimiliano STUCCHI, Nathalie TRENAMAN