April 9, 2019
Manchester Central Convention Complex
Europe/London timezone



Registration opening day (Friends & Patrons): 8 January 2019
Registration opening day (All): 15 January 2019
Early 75% Discount Registration deadline: 11 February 2019
Early 50% Discount Registration deadline: 18 March 2019
Late Discount Registration deadline: 25 March 2019
Full Fee Registration deadline: 8 April 2019
On-the-day // Walk-in Registration: 9 April 2019
Contact info: admin@uknof.org.uk


UKNOF43 Registration Schedule

We have tried to keep the new charging scheme as simple and fair as possible. Different paid registration types are available concurrently to allow you to "Pay What You Want":

0 Complimentary

UKIF Board

UKNOF Advisory, Meeting, and Programme Committees

UKNOF43 accepted speakers

Volunteers from the previous meeting (UKNOF42)

Within allocation: UKNOF Partners, Sponsors, Corporate Patrons

Until 18 March 2019

Specific registration links sent to those who are mentioned.

0+ Students / Unfunded

Students and attendees who are unfunded.

Limited number of registrations - 25 - until 18 March 2019


60 ; 120 ; 180 Discounted

All other attendees.  

Limited number of registrations.

75 @ £60 until 10 February 2019

75 @ £120 until 18 March 2019

50 @ £180 until 25 March 2019

240 Full Fee

All other attendees.

Until 8 April 2019 https://uknof43.eventbrite.com
360 On-the-day All other attendees registering on the day of the meeting. 9 April 2019 https://uknof43.eventbrite.com


You may also, separately, donate funds toward the meeting (this does not register you for attendance) via the specific donation option at https://uknof43.eventbrite.com


A note about charging for registrations

So far, UKNOF meetings have been fully funded by sponsorship. However this funding has become less predictable, leading to a significant dip in reserves.

With rising costs, an increasingly challenging environment for sponsorship, and after consultation with the community at the UKNOF Annual Meeting in September, we have decided to introduce meeting attendance fees.

For UKNOF43, we are offering various registration options allowing attendees to pay what they want. This ranges from the limited but heavily discounted (by 75%) £60 inc VAT option up to the full cost of an attendee - £240 inc VAT - option.

We are aware from our past surveys that there are students who attend our meetings and some non-students are unfunded (ie, attend on personal time rather than as representatives of your employer). We also wish to encourage fresh blood participation. As such, we are making a fee-free registration available.

In addition to this, there is a Donations option (it does not register you to attend the meeting) allowing you to put something toward the costs of the meeting (such as paying toward a fee-free space for a student).