January 19, 2021
Europe/London timezone

UKNOF46 Event Report

Published: Monday, 25 January 2021

Updated: Monday, 15 February 2021

104 people from 12 different countries and territories participated in UKNOF46 on Tuesday, 19 January 2021. Nine speakers presented on a variety of Internet operations topics including IPv6 and RPKI deployment, network telemetry and management, optics and routing.

We improved the way we ask for feedback on speakers by holding a “thumbs up”/neutral/”thumbs down” poll immediately after each presentation. And for the first time for an online UKNOF event, we allowed participants to ask questions verbally as well as in the Zoom Q&A window.

The social aspect of UKNOF events is just as important as the content. This time, we introduced a lunchtime social as well as our regular post-event BYO “Pints n’ Packets” social.

Recordings of the talks from UKNOF46 have been published and are linked below so you can catch up on a talk you missed or watch one you enjoyed again.


The opening talk came from Pavel Odintsov, who told us that vendors do sFlow wrong and suggested improvements. He was followed by Sean Flack, from our sponsor Arista, who spoke about building routing and not routers and, showing how a disaggregated, deconstructed, and distributed approach helps with scaling.

After the morning break, we had two talks about optics. Dirk Götzl walked us through the development of standards on the path to taking 400G into the data centre. He was followed by Geoff Bennett who spoke about optics in access networks and how developments are making them faster and cheaper.

Anton Karneliuk brought us back from lunch with an introduction to using pyGNMI, which provides a full stack support for network automation. He was followed by Tom Strickx who told us using the wrong addresses in documentation examples resulted in spikes in errors. He urged us all to take note of RFC3849 and RFC5737.

Susan Forney brought us back from afternoon tea with a talk about the history of IPv6 deployment, and showed that there was a strong similarity with the first 20 years of IPv4. She was followed by Melchior Aelmans who introduced RIFT, which is being developed in the IETF to simplify network configuration in data centre architectures.

Finally, Ron Bonica introduced IP Flexalgo, which provides course-grained traffic engineering using plain old IP-forwarding and multiple loopbacks as protocol nexthops.

Thanks to Sponsors, Patrons, and Partners!

We are grateful to Arista for sponsoring UKNOF46. We are also grateful to our 2021 corporate patrons: BT as PRINCIPAL patron, Flexoptix, IPv4 Market Group and RIPE NCC as PREMIUM patrons, with Internet Systems Consortium and Secrutiny as PROMOTER patrons. We’d also like to thank our partners Bogons and Portfast, and Friends of UKNOF.

UKNOF News & Recruitment

UKNOF47 will be held online on Thursday, 15 April 2021. The Call for Presentations is now open, and if you are interested in presenting at the next UKNOF, please submit your proposal.

If you are interested in sharing your expertise to guide UKNOF in the future, please consider joining our Programme Committee or the newly formed Communications Committee. Either contact one of the existing committee members or send an e-mail to chairs@uknof.org.uk.