September 22, 2022
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Hollow Core Fiber: What is it and Why should you be interested?

Sep 22, 2022, 2:00 PM
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Mr Geoff Bennett (Mr.)


Conventional optical fiber, as “an asset that keeps on giving”, has served our industry incredibly well over the past 30 years but we know that there are fundamental limits on fiber capacity. In addition the popularity of low latency applications like financial services and gaming are demanding lower latency, which can become a problem for silica-based fiber because light travels at about two thirds of the speed through glass as it does through air.
Hollow Core Fiber (HCF) has been under development for over a decade, with the promise of far lower latency because the optical signal travels through air, rather than glass. A longer term goal would be to position HCF as a way to offer higher transmission capacity than conventional, silica core fiber.
HCF potentially increases capacity in two distinct ways. First, light is travelling in air, which is a linear medium as opposed to glass which is nonlinear. This could mean that transmit power and amplifier power could be increased, leading to higher capacity. Second is that propagation in air could mean a sufficiently low attenuation across a much wider range of wavelengths than silica core fiber.
This presentation explains how HCF works; gives a brief description of its evolution and the current commercial and manufacturing status; offers a first level approximation of how and when the benefits of HCF will be available; and looks at the impact on the “fiber ecosystem” of transponders, ROADMs, amplifiers, connectors, installation techniques, splice repairs and test gear.


A reality check on a new type of fibre, Hollow Core Fibre, that is already being deployed in financial trading applications in the UK.

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