virtualUKNOF November 2020

Cathy Almond (Internet Systems Consortium) , Chris Russell (UKNOF) , Fearghas McKay (Flexoptix // UKNOF) , Keith Mitchell (UKNOF)

The UK Network Operators' Forum is currently only running virtual meetings.

The fourth virtualUKNOF will will be co-hosted by UKNOF and BT and take place on on 2 November (13:45 - 17:00) followed by a BYO Pints n' Packets social event.

UKNOF events offer an OPEN environment for anyone within or interested in the Internet Industry. Network with industry colleagues, participate in knowledge sharing and freshen up on best practice around network operations and security.

For more information about UKNOF itself, please visit our primary site.

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CenturyLink IPv4 Market group
Flexoptix RIPE NCC

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  • Adeel Sadiq
  • Adrian Bolster
  • Alan Barnett
  • Aled Morris
  • Alistair Wooldrige
  • Andew Khoo
  • Andre Karihaloo
  • Andrew Campling
  • Andrew Ingram
  • Andy Davidson
  • Andy Fidler
  • Anthony Turner
  • Barry Latch
  • Ben Carter
  • Benjamin Greenberg
  • Blake Willis
  • Brandon Butterworth
  • Brian Nisbet
  • Brian Turbey
  • Carlos Friacas
  • Cathy Almond
  • Chris Box
  • Chris Russell
  • Chriztoffer Hansen
  • Craig Brown
  • Dan Peachey
  • Daniel Greaves
  • Dave Wilson
  • David Freedman
  • David Johnston
  • David Murray
  • David Wilkinson
  • Denesh Bhabuta
  • Doug Hulme
  • Dunc Lockwood
  • Eric Gitau
  • Fahad Ahmed Khan
  • Fearghas Mckay
  • Felipe MartíNez
  • Gary Hawkins
  • Georgiy Susskiy
  • Hisham Ibrahim
  • Ian Anderson
  • Ian Chilton
  • Ian Dickinson
  • Ian Goodall
  • Ignas Bagdonas
  • Jack Doswell
  • Jack Sephton
  • James Bensley
  • James Blessing
  • Jamie Walmsley
  • Jody Botham
  • Joe Abley
  • Jon Vooght
  • Kaushik Dadi
  • Keith Mitchell
  • Kevin Mitchell
  • Kurt Erik Lindqvist
  • Leo Vegoda
  • Livio Morina
  • Marek Isalski
  • Mark Fordyce
  • Mark Prior
  • Mark Tearle
  • Martin Evans
  • Matt Jepp
  • Matthew Mercer
  • Md Ariful Islam
  • Md Shuzanur Rahman
  • Michael Daly
  • Mike Hughes
  • Mohamad Choaib
  • Mufaddal Presswala
  • Nat Lasseter
  • Neil Christie
  • Nigel Titley
  • Nitin Raj
  • Olivier Benghozi
  • Paul Edwards
  • Paul Lettington
  • Paul Thornton
  • Portia Rabonda
  • Ray Bellis
  • Richard Irving
  • Richard Savage
  • Richard Shaw
  • Ross Moya
  • Ruben Garbade
  • Sachin A
  • Sam Smith
  • Simon Challinor
  • Simon Fisher
  • Simon Green
  • Simon Lockhart
  • Steve Jones
  • Steve Karmeinsky
  • Steve Wright
  • Stuart Pearson
  • Stuart Ridsdale
  • Stuart Steele
  • Susan Forney
  • Tema Hassan
  • Thomas Jepp
  • Tim Bray
  • Tim Chown
  • Tom Bird
  • Tom Hill
  • Will Hargrave
  • Will Jones
virtualUKNOF admin
    • 1:45 PM 2:00 PM
      Webinar room opens - while waiting, grab a drink and mingle with your peers in the ~UKNOF channel at 15m
    • 2:00 PM 2:45 PM
      virtualUKNOF November 2020: Session 1
      • 2:00 PM
      • 2:03 PM
        Welcome by co-Host BT 2m
        Speaker: Simon Challinor (BT)
      • 2:05 PM
        Zero to Unbundled - How to navigate Openreach and avoid wholesale networks 30m

        Sharing our ( experience of a small team navigating through the vast Openreach product set to get from nowhere to having a decent geographic coverage network providing Fibre, FTTC, and FTTP without dealing with wholesale providers.

        What exactly is the role of Openreach and how do they operate? Learning to speak Openreach lingo. Jumping through the hoops, trawling standards and product descriptions, to get to a point where you can have your own gear in the exchanges and start serving customers.

        Speaker: Simon Green (Wirehive / 1310)
      • 2:35 PM
        Next Generation Telemetry and Flow Tracking 10m

        The demands of the modern network environment require more granular and real time monitoring and telemetry methods. This talk introduces some of the new technologies and enhancements.

        Speaker: David Murray (Arista Networks, Inc.)
    • 2:45 PM 3:00 PM
      15 minutes Break 15m
    • 3:00 PM 3:45 PM
      virtualUKNOF November 2020: Session 2
      • 3:00 PM
        A look back at the Digital Glen build 20m

        Looking back at the build and the weekends blowing fibre, pulling preblown, crossing rivers, neighbour disputes etc.

        Speaker: David Johnston (Balquhidder Community Broadband CIC)
      • 3:20 PM
        IPv6 Adoption over Internet Exchanges 25m

        This talk examines IPv6 adoption over Internet Exchanges in general and UK exchanges in particular.

        Speaker: Ms Susan Forney (Hurricane Electric)
    • 3:45 PM 4:15 PM
      30 minutes Break including a 5 - 10 minutes session of at-desk stretch exercise 30m
    • 4:15 PM 5:00 PM
      virtualUKNOF November 2020: Session 3
      • 4:15 PM
        Building the BBC's media CDN 30m

        Online consumption of BBC content is growing substantially, as audiences transition from linear TV to IP delivery. Quality enhancements, box sets and extended availability of content on iPlayer are driving steep future capacity requirements. To meet these demands whilst continuing to provide a high quality of service, the BBC has been building and scaling its own CDN since 2015. Known as BIDI (BBC Internet Distribution Infrastructure), this CDN now provides a significant proportion of iPlayer's distribution capacity. This presentation reviews the growth so far, provides a glimpse into the inner workings of BIDI, explores problems encountered along the way and details plans for the future.

        Duration: 25 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.

        Speaker: Alistair Wooldrige (BBC)
      • 4:45 PM
        Encrypted Client Hello 10m

        ECH (Encrypted Client Hello) is a new extension to TLS that hides the true name of the service being connected to. This short update will cover likely deployment and possible impacts for ISPs. 10 minutes presentation slot.

        Speaker: Chris Box (BT)
      • 4:55 PM
    • 5:00 PM 6:00 PM
      BYO Pints n' Packets - Stay for a natter after the great talks! 1h