November 2, 2020
Europe/London timezone

Call for Patrons

Call for UKNOF Patrons 2020


Please email to discuss being an Annual Corporate Patron. 

UKNOF meetings represent a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of your organisation, products and services to the key influencers who operate the Internet's networks and other key players in the global Internet community. 

As a not for profit organisation, UKIF’s UKNOF activities rely on registration fees, patronage and sponsorship to help with the costs for its tri-annual conferences as well as the costs of managing ongoing communications and promoting our and your Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

UKNOF meetings are normally one day events comprising a range of technical presentations. What we do is allow anyone with an interest to attend. We don’t just get the “usual suspects” from the global Internet meeting circuit at UKNOF, but a real cross-section of the UK Net Ops community – we can use UKNOF to bring the best of the content (and well known speakers) from the global circuit to a UK audience that can’t get to the bigger meetings, and cover topics which are closer to home and of specific interest to the local community.

UKNOF is about spreading the knowledge, the networking between people - to create a better informed industry.

UKNOF offers a range of patronage options each with a number of benefits for the patron. These include opportunities to present to the UKNOF attendees in the meeting and live webcast plus the regular promotion of your brand in event communications in online and print media where applicable.

You may financially support UKNOF Meetings by opting for one of the three categories of corporate patronage. 

Note: Corporate Patronage is on a calendar year basis.



All Corporate Patrons have the option to additionally support a specific meeting via discounted sponsorship.

UKNOF appreciates the support of the patrons regardless of whichever meeting sponsorship level is chosen.

For further and full details, please refer to UKNOF Corporate Patronage Opportunities. Please email to discuss being an Annual Corporate Patron.